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    About Us

    Arts in the Industry is a non profit, charity giving, drink slinging, party throwing, art showing organization. Based in Philadelphia, we feature local artists, mostly who are restaurant/customer service professionals (it's about time we throw OURSELVES a party, am I right?!)  Of course, since we are bar people,  there are usually beverages involved as well. We host shows all around the city in a variety of venues. Each event has its own theme, selection of artists, assortment of food and beverage, and fantastic entertainment. As always, we look forward to seeing you there!

    Upcoming Events

    Wands & Whisky

    Tuesday June 26th

    Eastern State Penitentiary 

    8-11 PM

    Join !

    We are always looking for new artists and musicians to join in the fun! We have some big shows coming up and lots of room. See how friendly these people look ^ ?! could come hang out with us! Please contact with a few examples of your work so we can get you started.


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